Monday, 7 December 2015

December Post for Memory Maze and Stick It Down.

Hi all. I hope this finds you all well. If your family is anything like mine life is absolutely hectic at the moment, but with the buzz of Christmas excitement in the air. My kids are all on the annual countdown until Santa comes (and so is my mother). To be perfectly honest, I think that she is just as excited as the kids, as she will be here on Christmas Eve to spend some time with them.
Year End Teacher's Thank-you Canvases
 This week I was lucky enough to be able to take a bit more of a back seat job with these creations. In our house we prefer to give handmade presents when we can, and my kids will never say 'no' to a chance to get creative with me. So as a 'thank-you' to their teachers, the kids jumped at the chance to make up these canvases.
The first one was made by my 7 year old son, Beau. The second canvas was by my 11 year old son, Zachary. Now as a creative type I love getting into this type of thing, but when it comes to my kids having their creative time I really do TRY to take a back seat. I ask them what colours they'd like to use, and then find what I have in the colours that they want. I'll show them how to use what they were wanting to, and maybe give them a suggestion or two, but other than that - this is all them!
Beau's teachers present.
Zachary's teacher's present.

Just to add to the fun of it all, this year we made a process video of them busily creating. To see how they went about making these please check out this video.


I sorry....We hope that you enjoyed what the boys created, and they can't wait for the Christmas holidays so that they can share some more wonderful creations with you.
Quick Christmas Card
As this is my second last post for Memory Maze and my last post for Stick It Down I thought I'd combine the two and have used the December card sketch from Stick It Down as inspiration for this quick and simple Christmas card. The Santa was one that I had left over from a few weeks ago (you can view the technique video here), and the silly season has simply been covered in gesso, some green H2O's and a black marker.

 I hope that this has inspired some of you to get creative, no matter what your age.

Until next time,
Keep creating,