Sunday, 3 May 2015

Kids Pencil Case

Hi all. Jodie here again with something a bit different today. One of my sons had a homework challenge from school that had to be a craft item. Hence he came in the door calling straight out to me. It had to involve some kind of recycling or up-cycling, so we put on our thinking caps. As a typical 7 year old boy Beau decided that it HAD to contain something to do with the Avengers or Captain America. Yeah, cause that comes so naturally for me! Anyway, we were able to fulfil the brief and as he also had to report on how he went about creating his masterpiece, we thought why not put some step-by-steps up here so you too could have an awesome up-cycled pencil case.

Captain America Up-Cycled Pencil Case.

Materials Required:
* A chip tin like that of Pringles.
* White Gesso
* Gel Medium
* Printed pictures of your choice (in this case Captain America)
* Scissors
* Paint brush or foam brush.

Step 1: Time to eat some chips.

Although Beau did have some competition with his dad for this job.

Step 2: Rinse out the chip tin to remove any left over crumbs and seasoning.

Step 3: With your paint brush / foam brush cover the outside of your chip tin in gesso. Let this dry between coats. You will likely need about 3 coats.

Step 4: Carefully cut around your images to use on your tin. Children may need some help with this bit.

Step 5: With a paint brush / foam brush apply a layer of gel medium to the section of tin that you want to apply your picture. Stick your picture onto this and smooth out any air bubbles. Then apply a layer of the gel medium over the top of your picture to ensure it gets stuck down. Continue to do this until your tin is covered in pictures. Let this all dry.

Step 6: Apply another coat or two of gel medium over the top of your tin to seal all of your pictures. Let this dry.

Step 7: Put the lid back on and it is ready to go. Enjoy your own custom made pencil case.

I must say that I am incredibly proud of Beau as he did the majority of this all by himself. Once shown how to do the steps he did the rest all alone. His big brother was so impressed that we now have to go through the process again for him.

Feel free to let Beau and I know what you think of his creation, and I will pass your comments on to him.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting,



  1. Hey great job Beau, that's a fabulous pencil case.

  2. Wonderful tutorial. Great way to upcycle. Awesome job Beau.

  3. Way to go Beau I'm so proud of you. Keep up that wonderful

  4. Well done to you, Beau! Hope you enjoy using it for a long time.PS Great smile! xxx

  5. awesome project! thanks for sharing. i like the chip eating the best :)