Sunday, 13 September 2015

Stick It Down September Card Challenge

Today I'm here with my September Card for Stick It Down challenge blog. You get given the sketch and then get to create. Here is the card sketch for this month.
And here is what I came up with (with a little help from one of my kids).
Here in Australia September is Father's Day, so with the sketch in mind I took my 3 year old daughter out into the back yard and she created these patterned squares all by herself (well almost). It was so much fun that we very quickly had both of my boys hanging over our shoulders wanting to have a turn too.
We lined a baking dish with alfoil and then filled this with shaving cream. The kids used droppers to drop some watered down food colouring onto the shaving cream, after which we swirled around. Once we had a cool pattern in the shaving cream, we placed a piece of watercolour paper over the top and carefully pushed it down onto the foam. We let it soak up the foam and colour for about a minute and then carefully lifted the paper back up. Now some of the foam did come up with the paper, but that is normal. We laid it out on the trampoline and then used the edge of a palette knife to take the majority of the foam off the paper. A quick wipe over with a dry cloth or rag and then we just left the paper to dry overnight. As the cream/foam comes away from the paper you are magically left with glorious colourful patterns all over your paper. The shear look of wonder and amazement on my kids faces at what they were able to create.
Don't forget that Stick It Down do a single page and double page scrapbooking challenge also.
Until next time,
Happy Crafting.
Jodie Mason

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